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Mould Removal in 30 Seconds

By January 4, 2022 January 12th, 2022 Tips

Sugar Soap: Mould Removal in 30 Seconds

Selleys Original Sugar Soap is a professional, heavy-duty grease and grime cleaner that many professional painters will use in their preparation process. Despite its name, sugar soap is not made out of sugar but simply derives its name from its appearance in powder form – resembling granulated sugar. In fact, sugar soap is simply a mild detergent, so what makes it’s different from any other household detergent?

What’s the difference between Sugar Soap and other household detergents? 

When using Sugar Soap in prep for paintwork, its main benefit is that it does not leave behind any residues that may hamper the adhesion of new wallpaper or application of paint. Regular and home-brand cleaning products such as your daily washing-up liquid and dishwashing detergent will be able to remove the grime, however, even after rinsing; they may leave some residue behind. Sugar Soap is a great alternative to these products, is inexpensive and can continue to be used around the house as a general cleaner for bench tops, floors, stubborn stains, the bathroom (including the toilet), and even to degrease your garage. 

black feature wall
Fresh interior black feature wall painted

How to use Sugar Soap

Sugar Soap comes in both powder and liquid forms. Most commonly, people tend to pick up the liquid concentrate. For painting and wallpapering, follow the below steps: 

  1. Add 1/2 cup of Liquid Sugar Soap to 5 litres of water. No need to rinse.
  2. Using a soft clean cloth, soak in the sugar soap solution, ring off excess and wipe down the walls.
  3. Always start washing from the highest point to the lowest to avoid ‘running’.

Do not allow Sugar Soap to lie in pools on surfaces not being redecorated and wipe off immediately from aluminium or brass surfaces. Rinse well from glass before the product dries. Sugar soap can dry out the skin, so if you are susceptible to skin reactions or have sensitive skin, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves while working with the powder or liquid. Wash your hands thoroughly after use and avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes during the application process. Wear a dust mask when using the powder to prevent inhaling it. 

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