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Benefits of Professional House Painting

By February 20, 2022 March 25th, 2022 Tips

5 Benefits of Professional House Painting

Have you recently been considering an interior or exterior paint job for your home but don’t like the idea of doing it yourself? For many reasons, a professional house painting service can provide many more benefits. 

#1 Quality

There’s so much that goes into a quality paint job, from preparation to product and application to finish. With a professional house painter, you’re getting all the quality work done for you with no stress in picking the best paint for the right rooms or even moving your furniture around. At Wes Hull painters, we will properly prepare your house for painting by covering the plants around the house, removing window screens if necessary, scraping off chipped paint, covering or moving furniture, and applying primer. We use only the highest quality paints that are all low in volatile organic compounds from Taubmans, Haymes, and Dulux. At the end of the day, we leave a clean house and a smooth finish to the paint job.

#2 Product Knowledge 

As professional painters, we’ve seen a lot of colour schemes, tried several different brands, and learned many techniques over our years in the trade. Investing in our professional house painting service is an investment in your property too as you have the opportunity to work with someone who is familiar with all the tricks of the trade and can bring life to your home. We can recommend the best paint for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, we know which paints are made to withstand various weather conditions and UV rays, and we can utilise back rolling or back priming in effective ways.

#3 Efficiency 

Most DIY paint jobs can take several weekends to complete when you have a busy full-time work schedule. For us in the trade, painting is our full-time work schedule so we can get an entire house painted in a jiffy, let alone just one room! The best part is, we have a deadline to work towards so you know when we’ll be out from under your feet. Save your weekend time for the finer things in life and contact our team at Wes Hull Painters on 0400 528 648.

Freshly painted stairs
Bedroom recently painted

#4 Improved Home Value

One of the biggest advantages of using a professional house painting service is the financial benefits that it reaps. You’d be surprised at how much extra value it can bring to your home when selling, yet it is considered one of the most cost-effective methods to increase your property value. Nobody wants a run-down, mouldy, dull-looking house but a fresh coat of paint from a professional is all you need to get it looking fresh and shiny again. 

#5 Insurance & Safety

Any reputable painting company should have proper licensing and general liability insurance. If anything goes wrong during the job, the insurance company will compensate for any damages and medical bills. The good thing about professional painters though is that they rarely cause damage or get injured on the job as they are experienced. For DIY painting at home, you might place a ladder in the wrong spot and find yourself with a brand new hole in the wall. Painting professionals invest in training, certifications, safety equipment, and tools. This all ensures that the work that they do looks good and accidents are prevented. 

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As the experts in preparation, application and protection, professional painters know exactly the type of paint appropriate for the job, suitable colours for your aesthetic goals and a handful of tricks that allow for a perfect finish. For more information on interior and exterior house painting services, call Wes Hull Painters today on 0400 528 648.