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5 Reasons to Book Professional Painters in Brisbane

By April 15, 2022 April 19th, 2022 Tips

5 Reasons you need a Professional Painter in Brisbane

Painting continues to be one of the best ways to maintain or add value to your home, but it also ensures the exterior is protected against the elements. Plus, a fresh coat of paint inside makes a house more comfortable and pleasant to spend time in.

The temptation for homeowners to tackle a paint job themselves is high, especially with the mistaken belief they will save themselves a small fortune. However, doing it yourself is not always the best approach. If you want to enjoy your home’s fresh new look for decades, here are 5 great reasons to hire a professional painter Brisbane service.

1. Painter Brisbane Professionals Always Use Higher Quality Products

Exterior and interior house paints and good quality brushes are expensive. With cheaper paints applied with dollar store paintbrushes, you won’t achieve the best finish. The paint will peel, crack, and quickly degrade in the often harsh Australian climate.

Lower quality paints also mean you’ll have extra work when it comes to cleaning off the scuffs and marks of everyday life. If you have no experience painting, you have no foundation for choosing the best paint for the job. Paint is the lifeblood of all local painters in Brisbane. They won’t put their reputation on the line to save a few dollars by using cheaper, lower-quality brands.

2. Proper Surface Preparation

Most homeowners have very little knowledge of preparing the painting surface and wonder why their paint is peeling off in large sheets just a few months after applying it. The best painter North Brisbane professionals won’t start painting until the surface has been adequately prepared. They will clean, patch, and sand every surface before even considering dipping their brush.

black feature wall and dining table
Black door and interior of home painted

3. No Need to Buy Tools You Don’t Need

If you are not usually the DIY type, you will need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to get yourself prepared with all the tools you will need. Add sandpaper, sanders, paint brushes, buckets, drop sheets, painter’s tape, hole fillers, primer, and rollers to your list. Good quality paint brushes aren’t cheap but are necessary for applying a smooth finish. And then you have the paint to think about, which will be a few hundred dollars more. Professional painters North Brisbane services will have the tools they need and the skills to use them properly.

4. Save Time With Wes Hull Painters North Brisbane Service

You know what’s it like whenever you are learning a new skill. It takes ages to do something a professional can do in a fraction of the time. That’s just how life works. The more you do something, the quicker and better at it you will be. It’s the same with painting. An experienced painter Brisbane service will be done in a couple of days doing a job that would take you days or weeks. Painting can be a massive and messy disruption to your lifestyle if it drags on, so the quicker it’s done, the sooner you can get back to your relaxing on the weekends.

5. Painter North Brisbane Services Guarantee Results

Painters who get called back to fix low-quality paint jobs don’t last long in this industry. When you deal with experienced professionals, you get a guarantee the job will be done right the first time, so you will be able to enjoy your home’s new look for a long time without issues. Should anything go wrong, like a bad batch of paint, you won’t have to endure any extra expense getting it repaired.

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